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Aircraft Pricing (Europe)

Aircraft Pricing (Europe)

99 USD

Get the best intelligence on aircraft charter rates with our pricing report that provides average trip prices and price settings from part 135/charter operators.

This is what you get:

  • Average hourly charter rate and the 12 most common add on fees
  • Average trip price for requested one-way, round-trip and multi-leg flights from Europe
  • For the last 12 months, by month
  • For aircraft based in Europe (ICAO E/L)
  • Data from the Avinode Marketplace
  • Report delivered in PDF format
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To order this report just pick an aircraft type and click "Add to Cart".

If you canĀ“t find your aircraft type please email us at bi@avinode.com and we will check if we can create one for your aircraft type.

Reports will be delivered within a few business days, normally within 24 hours.